Criminal, DWI & Traffic Related Offenses

While most of us take driving for granted, DWI charges or other traffic related offenses are very serious charges that could not only cost you your license - they could cost you your freedom.

Your ability to drive in New York State is a privilege - not a right. While that is true, nearly all of us rely on our ability to drive to get us to work, provide for our families, shop, transport our children, and to simply get out and live! If you use your driving skills to earn a living (truck drivers, bus drivers, transportation specialists) you know all too well what the loss of a license can mean for your family’s future.

If you have been charged with DWI or any other traffic related offense - you need a DWI attorney. DWI charges not only jeopardize your ability to keep your license and maintain all of those normal daily functions you rely on transportation for, they can result in serious fines, forced treatment programs, a lasting criminal record and possibly even jail. Our DWI lawyers can help you through the process and put your fears to rest.

Even what appear to be minor traffic violations such as speeding tickets can have lasting consequences if they are not properly handled. Increased insurance rates or even potentially loss of your license if you accumulate too many points in a specified period of time. The disposition of the charges must be handled with care or the long term consequences can haunt you for a lifetime.

If you have a Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL) you must be particularly careful on how you proceed once charged as the rules are more stringent and the outcome of your case will have a direct impact on your career and ability to provide for your family. You must take every charge seriously and proceed with the best legal defense team you can find.

Our attorneys are experienced in this type of defense and we have helped countless people avoid unnecessary points on their licenses and avoid conviction for false charges. We have helped countless more through the difficult DWI process. We know it’s a difficult and embarrassing time for you - but more importantly we know you need help.

If you need an Albany DWI lawyer or if you have been charged with any other criminal offense then give us a call today. We can ease your anxiety and will fight for the best outcome possible to protect your license and your future.